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Compatible Model
FRX 23.6
Turntable Belt
Compatible Brand
Audio Technica & Imports

About this item

Turntable replacement flat rubber belt for imports, EVG FRX 23.6 inches inside circumference, 3/16" wide (cross-section) 1 mm, (.040) thick (wall), .  If you have the old belt in one piece, measure length and multiply by two for total length.  Old belts may be stretched, so allow 3% to 5% for a bit smaller size with the replacement.  We package our own belts and ship carefully.  Guaranteed belts, stored in proper heated and cooled conditions.  This belt is a genuine EVG belt.  House packaged.

Used in the following models and more:

BIC SL3200, BSR TB-33, Electrosonic ELS-200, Electrosonic T-200, Emerson MC-1700, Technics SL-230

Fisher MT-6114, Fisher MT-6115, Fisher MT-6117, Fisher MT-6118, Fisher MT-6210, Fisher MT-6211, Fisher MT-6310, Fisher MT-6410, Fisher MT-730,

Hitachi MU-10,

JVC 5250/U, JVC AL-A1, JVC JL-F30, JVC JL-A1, JVC JL A15, JVC JL-A20, JVC JL-F35, JVC JL-P30, JVC L-A10, JVC L-A11, JVC L-A21, JVC L-A90, JVC L-L10, JVC SRP-473E, JVC VL-8,

Kenwood 4033-TT, Kenwood JP-2021, Kenwood KD-2033, Kenwood KD-2055, Kenwood KD -2500, Kenwood KD-3033, Kenwood KD-3055, Kenwood KD-48F, Kenwood KD-49F, Kenwood KP-3021, Kenwood KP-2021, Kenwood KP-3022, Kenwood KP-3120, Kenwood KR-2035,

Micro-Seiki MB-10, Micro Seiki MV-15,

Panasonic SC-16008, Panasonic SC-T080, Panasonic SC-T090, Panasonic SF-GB029-1, Panasonic SG-H10, Panasonic SL-20, Panasonic SL-42, Panasonic SL-210/A/M/MC, Panasonic SL-220/A/M/MC, Panasonic SL-230A/M/MC, Panasonic SL-235A/M/MC, Panasonic SL-H204,

Philips 22AF 685,

Pioneer KEB-004, Pioneer KEB-006, KH-8833, Pioneer  KH-8855, Pioneer N8-612, Pioneer N28-616, Pioneer PL-2, Pioneer PL-12A/D/DII/E/PV, Pioneer PL-15C/D/III, Pioneer PL-16, Pioneer Pioneer PL-33, Pioneer PL-45D, Pioneer PL-61, Pioneer PL-100/X, Pioneer PL-112/D, Pioneer PL-115, Pioneer PL-117D, Pioneer PL-120, Pioneer PL-220, Pioneer PL-510, Pioneer PL-514, Pioneer PL-516, Pioneer PL-A25, Pioneer PL-A26, Pioneer PL-A35, Pioneer PL-A45,

Realistic LAB-250,

Sansui FR-3060, Sansui FR-4060, Sansui SR-2020/BC, Sansui SR-3030BC, Sansui SR-3060, Sansui SR-4040, Sansui SR-4050,

Sanyo TP-805B, Sanyo TP-3000A,

Sony AV-1700, Sony EX-1K, Sony EX-1M, Sony EX-2K, Sony HMK-313, Sony P-5550, Sony PS-1000, Sony PS-1010, Sony PS-1700, Sony PS-2350, Sony PS-5100, Sony PS-5520, Sony TTS-3000,

Technics M-220, Technics SL-33, Technics SL-210, Technics SLB-1, Technics SLB-2, Technics SC-1600B, Technics SC-T080, Technics SC-T090, Technics SF-GB029-1, Technics SG-H10, Technics SL-20, Technics SL-220/A/M/MC, Technics SL-230A/M/MC, Technics SL-235/A/M/MC, Technics SL-301/M/MC, Technics SL-301/M/MC, Technics SL-42, Technics SL-B350,

Yamaha P-05, Yamaha P-350,

Zenith MM-2670

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