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78 RPM STYLUS NEEDLE 352-S3 for EV 21D EV EV 21MD EV 26D for Magnavox 560234

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  • 78 RPM STYLUS NEEDLE 352-S3 for EV 21D EV EV 21MD EV 26D for Magnavox 560234 image 1
  • 78 RPM STYLUS NEEDLE 352-S3 for EV 21D EV EV 21MD EV 26D for Magnavox 560234 image 2
  • 78 RPM STYLUS NEEDLE 352-S3 for EV 21D EV EV 21MD EV 26D for Magnavox 560234 image 3
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Compatible Model
Magnavox 5602321
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For Magnavox
Accessory Type
Phonograph needle

About this item

Phonograph needle, re-packaged Pfanstiehl 352-S3.  Replaces: EV D1-1, EV 2604, 2605, S1-1, EV 2604D.  Used in:  Electro-voice 21D 21M  21MD  21MS  22D 26D 26DV  26MDST  26MST 26V  27  27D 127  T28  129 Series  P-138.  Replaces:  Magnavox 5602321, 5602321-1.  Admiral 409B33.  Tip:  3 mil synthetic sapphire.  Speeds:  78 RPM. New old stock.  House packaged.

Used in Magnavox models: AMP-176BA, AMP-176AA, AMP-182, AMP-185, AMP-185, CP-239F, CP239H, CP271F, CP271H, CP293H, CP239M, CP294C, CP294H, CP296, CP296D, CP297F, CP1-294H, CP2-294H, k1200H, K1274P, K1277H, K1286H, K1388H, K1289H, K1294H, KCP273F, KCP-293H, MUR354R, MV-172L, MV-185L, MV-355R, MV-356R, MV-375, MV-376, MV-386H, MV-386M, MV-386N, MV-389, MV-390, MV-391R, MV-415, MV-416, MV-545, SC-236, SC-235, SC-238, SC-242, SC-243, SC-252, SC-257, SC-258, SC-264, SC-267, SC-268F, SK-275F, SK-297F, SP-206H, SP-209, SP-275F, SP-290F, SP-295, SPR-210, SR-267F, SR-295F, SR-296F, ST-205F, ST-207, ST-228, ST-231, ST-233, ST-275, ST-276, ST-600, ST-608H, ST-611, ST-615, ST-616, ST-632, ST-660, ST-661, ST-662, ST-664, ST-800, TP-266D, 1MR422M, 1MV, 1MV184, 1MV353R, 1MV354, 1MV420, 1MVU172, 1MVU173, 1MVU174, 1MVU179, 1MVU179L, 1MVU355, 1MVU355R, 1MVU256, 1MVU356R, 1MVU357, 1MVY359, 1MVY359R, 1MVU375, 1MVU376, 1MVU378, 1MVY379, 1MVU380, 2MVY384, 1MVU384N, 1MVU386, 1MVY388, 1MVU389, 1MVU419, 1MVU419M, 1MVU423, 1MVU423M, 1MVU545, 1RP290, 1SA294F, 1SA300H, 1SC202, 1SC202F, 1SC211, 1SC211F, 1SC222F, 1SC225F, 1SC225K, 1SC226F, 1SC227K, 1SC-229R, 1SC-230G, 1SC-230R, 1SC-235K, 1SC-236R, 1SC238, 1SC-242F, 1SC-242J, 1SC-243, 1SC-243F, 1SC-245R, 1SC-246, 1SC-246R, 1SC-248, 1SC-250F, 1SC-252F, 1SC-252K, 1SC-261F, 1SC-264, 1SC-264K, 1SC-264R, 1SC-267R, 1SC-270B, 1SC-270C, 1SC-270H, 1SC-287, 1SC-287A, 1SC-601R, 1SC-611R, 1SK-273F, 1SC-287G, 1SC-288H, 1SC-289H, 1SK-297F, 1SK2-298F, 1SK3-298F, 1SP-209, 1SP-247K, 1SP247R, ASP-253, 1SP-253K, 1SP-262F, 1SP-263, 1SP-263F, 1SP-274F, 1SP-274H, 1SO-275F, 1SP-276F, 1SP-2778MC, 1SP-277G, 1SP-277H, 1SP-279B, 1SP-279C, 1SP-279C, 1SP-280, 1SP-280B, 1SP-280F, 1SP-280K, 1SP-290, 1SP-291, 1SP-293, 1SP-293F, 1SR-206, 1SR-206H, 1SR-210, 1SR-210F, 1SR-254, 1SR-254K, 1SR-281, 1SR-281F, 1SR-294, 1SR-294F, 1SR-295, 1SR-295C, 1SR-295H, 1ST203, 1ST-204H, 1ST-205, 1ST-205H, 1ST-212, 1ST-212F, 1ST-215, 1ST-215H, 1ST-216, 1ST-217, 1ST-218, 1ST-218H, 1ST-219, 1ST-220, 1ST-220H, 1ST-221, 1ST-221H, 1ST-22, 1ST-223, 1ST-223F, 1ST-226F, 1ST-229A, 1ST-229B, 1ST-229R, 1ST-257, 1ST-257R, 1ST-259, 1ST-259F, 1ST-259K, 1ST-260K, 1ST-260R, 1ST-263, 1ST-268, 1ST-270B, 1ST-270C, 1ST-270H, and many more.  E-mail me with your model number if it isn't h


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